Spring 2019 Luncheon


Tickets for the Spring 2019 luncheon go on sale April 1st. We’re excited about this line-up and we really look forward to seeing all of you there.


We also have grant application forms for two of our grants posted to our website under the Grant Information menu just in case you missed our e-mail sent out to library-focused distribution lists in Michigan.

As a reminder, these grants are available to public and academic libraries as well as literacy organizations located in southeast Michigan. We encourage you to apply; applications are due by April 29, 2019.

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We need your help to grow our audience. The grants we award and the authors we attract to our events depend on ticket and book sales, so sharing this event information only helps things get better! We love books, literacy, and know that you do too. We love giving you the opportunity to get to know your favorite authors better and expose you to other authors and their work.

Soon, you’ll see us on social media as well as some other sites to help connect you with our authors, their work, our grant award winners, and so much more. We’ll be making announcements on our website and this newsletter on how we’re working to connect our organization with new audience members.

Since 1972, this organization has brought readers like you together with authors in a casual, fun, and affordable event. Want to help us grow? Spread the word: Invite a friend. Tell a colleague at work. Share our e-mail newsletter. These simple actions have a big impact.

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